With each and every piece of work, I set out to construct a window into a jungle that desperately grasps for light. The jungle that is forced to live in the shadow of the globalized superpowers and the worldly cities, slowly being swallowed whole along with others of its kind. In the mind of the child that I was, everything came from an emotional point of view. I have no real knowledge about it now. My memories betray me, projecting rose colored scenes and in rare instances, pitch black ones. I have involuntarily become a part of the entity that is swallowing it all down and I may now be considered an invasive entity in the minds of its inhabitants. All I have left are the memories that I retained from my mind as a small girl. Both real and imaginary, my life so cleanly split. Through memory and oral tradition from my grandparents, I seek to capture what’s left of my past alien life, before it too, flees from the world and from my mind. I use my sculptures and paintings to look back at my past identity from afar, building a window with each piece. To shed light without causing damage. I dedicate myself to my imaginary jungle and every place of its kind by looking back and reaching forward through modern technology. Desperately trying to connect them so that my jungle may continue to live a little while longer, dragging it away from the mouth of the beast.